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Customers prefer self-service support. Why not make it easy?

Powered by analytics and machine learning, Elevio's suite of in-app support tools helps your customers learn (and learn to love) your product.

We deliver over 2,500,000 knowledge articles in-app every month for 500+ companies.

Curate & Create Knowledge

Product knowledge is trapped in the hive mind of your team. Release it with our in-built content management tools, and third party syncing.

Deliver Self-Service Help, 24/7

Our Assistant, hot-spots, and embeddable elements can be seamlessly added to your website. Providing help on-demand to your users, where and when they need it.

Measure the Impact, with Data

Dive into reports and see how your users are engaging with your knowledge base.

Improve Your Docs, Proactively

Hub takes the guess work out of "knowledge centered support".
We'll automatically tell you what content needs repair, or is missing altogether.

Bring all your services together

elevio brings your existing support stack together to deliver an all-in-one experience for your customers, and takes your user education to the next level.

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Peter Clarke, Product Manager at AdRoll

"Huge fan of elevio. It helps us embed, translate and point users to our support centre. Amazingly responsive team too. Happy customer, let us pay you more!"

Peter Clarke - Product Manager, AdRoll

Alicia Fuller, Head of Customer Onboarding at Sports Illustrated Play

"We discovered elevio while searching for a solution to increase our customers' usage and visibility of our knowledge base. They provided a solution that could help customers find the answers they needed while still engaging with our website at the same time. I particularly liked that all of our contact information, knowledge base and customer feedback was available to users in one location. We've seen a 60% increase in article views and a decrease in "how-to" questions sent to our support team. Highly recommended!"

Alicia Fuller - Head of Customer Onboarding, Sports Illustrated Play

Peyvand Padidar, Product Manager at Staples

"We love the robust features and analytics along with easy integration steps!"

Peyvand Padidar - Product Manager, Staples

Kelsey Moen, Marketing Manager at Skykit

"One documentation task that we largely fail to do is to re-visit articles after they’ve been published for some time, and evaluate their readability and usability levels.
Elevio's Hub not only helps in moving these tasks up on our team’s priority list, but also provides recommendations on which articles need the most attention.
This saves us from having to sift through our entire knowledge base looking for errors; instead, users alert us to documentation errors through Elevio's Hub system saving our team's time and resources."

Kelsey Moen - Marketing Manager, Skykit

Claire Talbott, Support Manager at Uservoice

"Their product solves a self-help problem (helps users search and find relevant articles in-app) that I have not seen any other product solve."

Claire Talbott - Support Manager, Uservoice

Susan Ostojska, Customer Success Manager at Growbots

"We try to be available on the chat almost all the time but sometimes our superheroes have to sleep - then elevio steps in and lets our users get help instantly. What's more, elevio not only saves our customers' and our time but also gives us a lot of insights on what our clients need. We can act on their searches and adjust our articles to meet expectations of our users. I feel that launching elevio in our app was a big step for the whole company."

Susan Ostojska - Customer Success Manager, Growbots

Jeff Beaumont, Managing Director of Coaching at Riskalyze

"Elevio is a vital part of educating our customers on our product. Not only does it help them find the answers they need-and quick, but it encourages customers to explore and learn on their own. It's so easy for them to use. It's elegant. It syncs in our live chat, knowledge base, contact form - it's the one-stop-shop for our customers so they don't have to navigate endless pages to get the simple answer they want and need."

Jeff Beaumont - Managing Director of Coaching, Riskalyze

Dan Duett, UX Generalist at Stitch Labs

"Elevio gives our customers one place to get whatever help they need. It gives us a single point of integration for all our services, helping us focus on improving content and service as we grow."

Dan Duett - UX Generalist, Stitch Labs

Johann Loibl, Head of Customer Service at ZipPay

"Elevio is a fantastic self-service solution for our customers. It's not only the slick interface, but also the functionality and integration to our backend tools which provide a seamless workflow experience. It's great to see a startup giving our users a great experience and we are super excited about what's in their pipeline."

Johann Loibl - Head of Customer Service, ZipPay

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