Logo & Branding

Please only use the logo at correct dimensions and without modification


  • Use these graphics to link to elevio.
  • Use these graphics when mentioning elevio in an article or in print.


  • Use these graphics to brand your own website or application.
  • Manipulate the logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with elevio.
  • Use any other artwork from our site without explicit permission.

Official Colors

Try and use the appropriate colours when displaying logos or marks related to elevio. When using elevio on dark backgrounds it is recommended to use the white version of the logo and the coloured version on light backgrounds

  • Primary Colour #03A9F4
  • Secondary Colour #9575CD
  • Dark #263238

The Team

  • Chris Duell Co-Founder / CEO
  • Matt Trimarchi Co-Founder / VP Product

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