Introducing Hub, for Knowledge Centered Support.

With Hub, your whole team can collaborate to make sure your docs are up to date, accurate, and as detailed as they need to be.

Based on user feedback and data analysis, it's the backbone of continuous user education.

We deliver over 2,500,000 help articles in-product every month for 500+ companies.

See how Hub brings user behaviour and your team together to improve the creation of product knowledge.

Powered by Advisor

Advisor will automatically make suggestions on ways for you to improve your product knowledge assets over time, based on how people are finding, viewing, and reacting to your content (...or not).

Collaboration is Key

Hub enables and guides your team to work together to continuously improve your documentation, removing unnecessary confusion and frustration.

Upload images, assets, or general conversation to help with effective and efficient updates.

Everything in One Place

Cards for user feedback, content updates, empty searches, issues, and more. All in one easy-to-manage place.

It’s end-to-end user education done right.

One Hub, Many Sources

Hub works with your existing stack and flow, by creating cards through integrations like Slack, Zapier, Email to Hub, our API, and, of course Advisor.

Stay Notified

Emails and real-time thread updates will keep you in the loop on anything you need to know about.

Kelsey Moen, Marketing Manager at Skykit

"One documentation task that we largely fail to do is to re-visit articles after they’ve been published for some time.
Elevio not only helps in moving these tasks up on our priority list, but also provides recommendations on which articles need attention."

Kelsey Moen - Marketing Manager, Skykit

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