More Customers,
Less Support.

  • Provide self-served Customer Support
  • Deliver automated in-product help
  • Reduces support loads
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Improves retention rates

Deliver Help Their Way

Everybody learns differently, cover all your bases with these delivery methods:

Add In-App Contextual Help

Unblock user roadblocks. Using our point & click tool, add hotspots to your site without the need for a developer.

Learn More about Hotspots

Deliver Smart Suggestions

The right answer at the right time. Auto-suggest specific articles for your users or let our machine learning powered suggestion engine do the work for you.

Reporting & Analytics

See how self-service content can help. Review usage statistics and reports to understand how your users are getting help from your knowledge base.

User Feedback

Content is king. Gain your user’s feedback on which content works... and which doesn’t.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

From insight to action. Leverage your data and user feedback to identify actionable opportunities to improve your help content, and find product roadblocks.

Collaborate & Close the Loop

Your best editors are your users, feedback serves as a trigger for a nw task. Join the thread, upload assets, and work as a team.

Prevent Content Rot

The only thing worse than no docs, is outdated docs. We'll tell you when content is getting old, so you can make sure it's up to date.

Improve Coverage

When people can't find what they're looking for, we'll tell you what to add content on, to keep your docs full

Knowledge Management

Make the transition as easy as possible. Import your current knowledge base content straight into elevio or create your own content from scratch.

Content Workflow

Collaborate with colleagues on your content. Create and share your drafts, then publish the final version once everything is approved.

Intelligent Keywords

Save time for your content creation. Our platform uses machine learning to intelligently suggest keywords for each piece of content you create.

We assist in resolving over 10 Million issues every month for 500+ companies.

Real Customer Stories

Huge fan of elevio. It helps us embed, translate and point users to our support centre. Amazingly responsive team too. Happy customer, let us pay you more!

Peter Clarke - Product Manager

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