If you want to provide your customers with the best service possible, start by creating a company culture that encourages caring.

Great customer service starts with support people that care, understand, and love your company’s values. Only then can they become advocates and help you build a business that thrives on outstanding customer experiences. Here’s how to do it.

1. Find the perfect match

It can be hard to fire someone who’s not a perfect fit, so start off with hiring the right people in the first place. Find employees that match your company’s vibe and values, and really pay attention to how someone fits into your team.

Zappos for example are known to pay their employees money to quit, just to make sure they find the perfect match. The sooner you realise it’s not working out and go separate ways, the quicker both of you can move on to the right person and company.

2. Set the right values

If you want everyone in your team to care about customers, start by making it a priority for everyone, especially those at the top. Align your words and actions. Live it. Make it a natural part of your business that customers’ input matters at your company. It should be an important value.


3. Communication matters

Make sure you regularly and clearly communicate so that everyone stays on the same page and feels comfortable to voice any concerns or get help with a problem they’re having. It’s part of building your own internal community and support system.
For example, assume someone doesn’t know the right answer, make it easy for them to pass the issue on to someone who knows.

4. Empower your team

Now it’s time to trust and let go. Make way for your team to come up with creative ways of serving customers better, and trust that they make the right decisions. This shouldn’t be too hard, since you’ve already established your company’s values and hired the right people. Empowering your employees creates a sense of ownership, which they can implement in the way they respond to and interact with customers (e.g. using their own, down-to-earth voice). All this will in turn make your customers happy.

5. Customer service is for everyone

It’s important to get everyone involved in customer service, at least to a certain extend. No matter whether someone’s in software, business development, or design, getting them involved increases excitement and commitment to what you’re offering and therefore creates the best experience possible for your customers. After all your customers are why your company exists in the first place. Participating in customer service is a way for everyone to say thanks.
Another reason to get the whole team involved is the fact that everyone will have a good idea of customers’ needs and wants, which will lead to a better product and quicker growth.

6. Communication matters

Most importantly, as just mentioned, remember to practise gratefulness – this means not only thanking your customers on a regular basis, but also showing your employees that you value their input and efforts.
Combine those six points and you’ll be getting close to a great company culture that translates into great customer support service. 

What tips have you got for creating the perfect working environment to foster customer happiness? We’d love to hear from you! If you’ve got any secret tips to share shoot an email to Helena, and we’ll feature it on the blog.

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