For millions of Americans, sport is at the heart of their communities.

Since 2008, SportsEngine has been providing the online software and apps that make it easy for anyone to run a sports organization.

From league administrators who need a practical way to organize teams and sites, to players who want to manage their schedules, SportsEngine makes it possible for people to manage sport at every level.

Like Baller Moms – who use SportsEngine’s product Tourney Machine to create tournaments that bring mothers and children together through sports. Or Pastime Tournaments, who also use Tourney Machine to manage events with more than 3000 teams across the country.

The challenge of creating knowledgeable customers

For SportsEngine’s Senior Customer Engagement Specialist, Grace Brunina, helping organizations like these grow and thrive using products like Tourney Machine is at the core of her job.
“It’s really important to us that we’re creating knowledgeable customers,” she says. “And that they’re confident in their ability to use our products and self-serve if they get stuck.”
Tourney Machine had been using Zendesk for their support content, but, as Grace explained, “The biggest pain point was trying to direct people to an external support center. And without something like Elevio’s Hub, it was time consuming keeping our content updated and compatible with customer’s feedback.”

Engaging customers through Elevio’s in-app Assistant

Looking for a solution that would make it easy for customers to get all the information and support they need inside Tourney Machine, Grace found Elevio.

“We use Elevio’s modules to house all of our customer engagement tools and our support center. Our customers can now access support content, release notes, the feedback forum, and live support in one place.”

And Hub – Elevio’s collaborative workflow tool – helps Grace and her team keep support content fresh and relevant. “We love Hub,” she added.

Grace was thrilled to see immediate uptake among Tourney Machine’s customers.

“I was surprised by how quickly users adopt self service. When you look at our metrics, you can tell the exact day that Elevio went live, because article views start trending upwards and contacts to support trend downwards.”
Historically, May is the busiest time for tournaments. Tourney Machine’s customer base had been growing steadily, and anticipating that 2018 would be their biggest year ever, Grace and her team implemented Elevio in February.

“By May, we had around 1200 tournaments, which was a 50% increase from the year before,” said Grace. “But our contacts to support were nearly half what they were in May 2017.”

Relative to the number of tournaments they had, Tourney Machine found that contacts to support had actually dropped by 71%.

“In short, Tourney Machine had twice as many tournaments, but I was able to cut the contacts to support per tournament dramatically by using Elevio's Assistant.”

“And as time goes on,” Grace added, “We’ve been seeing that the majority of the questions admins are asking are either edge cases or bugs, meaning that Elevio is really acting as a Tier 1 Support team, but for the cost of a part-time employee's salary.”

Knocking it out of the park in 2019

For Tourney Machine’s customers, easy access to support content through Elevio means that they spend less time in front of a screen and more time out on the field.

And with their most successful tournament season wrapped up, Grace is helping SportsEngine implement Elevio across a range of their products – and looking forward to an even bigger 2019.

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