Improved chat integration

Written by Chris Duell

Published 5 years ago

Today we released an update that improves chat integration in a couple of ways: choose to hide your chat module when agents are offline, and less intrusive message notifications.

Hide chat module when all agents are offline

First we’ve given you the ability to hide the chat module if you have no agents currently online. To enable this setting, all you need to do is head to your modules section and modify your chat module, there’s a new setting in there for ‘Hide when all agents offline?’ Simply turn on this setting if you want to hide the chat module when you’re unavailable.

Less intrusive incoming message notifications

Second, we’ve made changes to how the module works when a new message from an agent comes in. If the user has opened another module (like support for example), instead of automatically reopening the chat window and disturbing their flow, now they are simply alerted by an animated tab icon and noise to let them know a new message has arrived.

Haven’t connected a chat agent yet?

You can quickly setup a chat integration from the connections page then adding the chat module to your tab, we currently provide support for OlarkZopim & LiveChat

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback or hear any other suggestions you have.

By Chris Duell

Chris is one of the founders of He's a lover of 80s music, SaaS, problem solving, and a good whisky.

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