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Chris Duell

· 1 minute read

Yes, your customers are fully grown. Some of them are even successful company owners.

But that doesn’t mean they’re keen to pick up the phone and ask you what they think might be a stupid question.

Further to that, they probably don’t want Frank from IT seeing in an email thread that they didn’t know what SaaS meant.

So even though they may not understand your jargon, they remain tight-lipped and leave your site, never to return.

If they don’t understand what you do, how can they know what they’re missing out on?

This is why it’s important to provide timely help and tips to your users and potential customers where and when they need it. In other words – on the page that needs the explanations.

There’s no point in having the answer to a generic FAQ tucked away in your knowledge base. Sometimes, your users know what they need help with, but don’t always know how to phrase their questions. And if they don’t even know what they’re looking for, how can they possibly find an answer?

In these cases, simply having an embedded support system that only comes up with a ‘search’ bar does nothing to help your users.

That’s what we’re attempting to fix here at

We help you provide your users with superior customer support. You can use elevio to show an entire knowledge base in one tab on your site, as well as show inline popups right where they are needed.

Timely support is everything. Make it easy for your customers to understand what you do, so you won’t lose them if they’re too shy to contact you.

Check out how elevio works, here:

Implement knowledge centered support and streamline customer resolution.

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