As always, we’ve been working hard to improve elevio to give you the best available tool to guide and help your users, and reduce your support load.

Big updates we think you’ll love

Inline tips

inlineWe already had contextual tips, where a user could click on something and have a certain article open up in the side bar, but sometimes it’s just a quick tip and doesn’t need a whole article to explain. So we’ve added inline tips.

The tips are powered by the same system as the knowledge base, meaning you can even pull help straight from your existing Zendesk, or UserVoice accounts.

Check the docs to see how you can easily add inline tips to your site.

Better still, click here to see an inline tip in action.

Ticket deflection

If you’ve got the support module installed in your widget, you can now direct people to make sure they’ve first checked your knowledge base to find the answer to their question themselves, saving you support time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.42.12 pmThe idea of elevio is to save time for your users when they need help, so we’ve made it even easier for them to find help based on the page they are on by using keywords.

Using keywords you can create related articles, so all pricing related FAQ’s are shown first when a user is on the billing or pricing plans page for example.

No more searching for help.

Comments module

We’ve added another module to our arsenal; comments.

Adding the comments module to your tab means you can offer open conversation on any page of your site while not making it a main focus.

At this stage the only available provider is Disqus, if you have an alternate you’d like to use please let us know.

Are you not entertained?

Everything in this email is available as of right now, go use it!

If there’s something you’re waiting for, or something you think would help take elevio to the next level in reducing customer support, we’d love to hear from you.

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