Quick tip: Test your blog titles on Twitter

Written by Chris Duell

Published 5 years ago

It’s tricky to get that perfect blog post title that will attract the most click-throughs. You’ve only got a few words to entice someone into visiting your blog, so why not try the world’s most popular short form blog?

Recently we sent out a tweet that got more response than usual, quite a lot more than usual. Now, I’m not talking thousands of retweets, but it was enough of a difference that it let us know in those 140 characters we’d connected with people in a deeper way than with our other batches of 140 characters.

The tweet that brought about this blog post, and soon another

When a user of your site asks a stupid question, it’s your fault they don’t know the answer already #saas #startup #customersupport

— elevio (@elevioapp) January 17, 2015

This got me thinking, there’s definitely a case to go further into detail on the subject of where peoples seemingly stupid customer support questions arise, and how to combat these questions before they appear.

So, that will be the topic of an upcoming blog post.

With twitter having a hard limit of 140 characters, you’re forced to write posts in the same format that you would normally forge a blog posts title. As such, it’s a fantastic way of discovering if a particular potential blog post has legs, before spending the time to go into detail on something people aren’t that fussed about. When instead, you could be putting more effort into posts that you know your followers will love, and most probably, others of a like mind will too.

So the take away from this, is to give testing your blog post’s feasibility a go with a quick tweet. It couldn’t hurt, right?

By Chris Duell

Chris is one of the founders of elev.io. He's a lover of 80s music, SaaS, problem solving, and a good whisky.