Knowing that you’ve built a great product is a pretty unbeatable feeling.

You’ve taken the spark of an idea, and the sense that there was a problem you could solve, and worked until you created something real.

Suddenly, you’ve arrived. You’re solving the problem you set out to solve (and probably a few more). The early adopters love it. Your team are energised and already working on improvements.

You know you're ready to grow - but taking your product to a broader market isn't an easy task. With shortening attention spans and plenty of choice, a prospective customer has to understand how to get value from your product as soon as they sign up.

Managing complexity

For Stitch Labs, now the fastest growing inventory and order management solution on the market, embracing self-service support was a key step in their growth journey.

“We knew we needed a way to show contextual help inside the app,” says Dan Duett, Product Manager at Stitch Labs.

“Our in-app help text was too long to be effective user interface copy, too short to help customers self serve, and too hard to update. We needed a way to show our help content – managed by our support team – inside the application.”

With a diverse (and growing) customer base, Stitch Labs needed a product that would help them serve smaller customers in a cost-effective, always-on format, while keeping conversations with larger customers focused on value – not the nitty gritty of product details.

Finding Elevio

Stitch Labs found Elevio in 2016. With a focus on customer success and contextual help, it seemed like a promising platform.

“Elevio exceeded our expectations,” Dan says. “And it gave us new ways to connect with our users in a one-to-many format.”

This user connection has been an important factor in Stitch Labs’ growth.

Stitch provides businesses with the tools they need to rapidly respond to changing customer demands while staying competitive in today’s commerce landscape. But helping businesses take the plunge and transition from an antiquated legacy system to a powerful new one can be challenging.

“Elevio makes it really easy for our users self-serve in a moment of need. The Assistant consolidates all the ways a user might get help – email, chat, phone, self service – and helps them stay connected with Stitch Labs via product feedback and release notes.”

Moving Upmarket

Ultimately, Elevio has helped Stitch move upmarket with confidence. “Elevio is helping us manage the complexity of a growing product and customer base. We’re affordably serving our smaller customers and keeping larger customer conversations focused on value, rather than basic how-to's.”

Today, Stitch Labs has processed more than 26 million orders and they have $4.5 billion in annual merchant transaction revenue.

“What makes me happiest is our relationship with the Elevio team. They’re not just responsive – I feel like we share a common vision for what self service, product content, and user education can be.”

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