It's probably fair to say your users don't know your product like you do... and they probably never will, but at least give them the chance.

They'll never understand fully why you chose to add one feature, and not another. They'll never appreciate the effort you put in for that extra 1%. They'll never grasp your product so well that they see all the left field things they could do with it.

But they can get close, if you let them.

It might sound strange, who wouldn't let their users get close and fully understand your product and your company? Well, if you're not communicating with, and educating your users about all the intricacies of your product, that's essentially what's happening. You're leaving them in the dark to figure things out themselves, and secret #2... they won't put in the effort.

Nobody reads a manual from cover to cover. Just like nobody will meander through a knowledge base just for kicks.

You need to take the time to speak to your users on their level and at their pace, you need to provide them with the materials to consume to help them understand what they need to understand, when they need to understand it. No earlier, no later.

They haven't been with you since the day your product was conceived. So as much as you hope they might, they don't understand the path you've been on and more importantly all the ins and outs of your product.

It's your job to effectively teach your users the fundamentals on everything they need to know about your product, so they have a solid foundation. Only once they have that foundation set, can they start to experiment and pull the levers in the ways that really pull out the true value and potential your product can deliver.

That's on you, not them. Don't make them work for it.

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