You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t have the data to back them up, it’s that simple.

I could leave this post with just that, but let me show you a quick example that justifies our existence.

When we did the first major relaunch of elevio back in September, we soon after added the ability to track how people were using elevio on your site. This let you see when people viewed articles, opened the chat, submitted a support ticket etc.

It gave you a way to see if elevio was working for your site.

With this new analytics information, combined with historical support ticket data, we were able to show a direct correlation between people using the elevio tab to find answers themselves, instead of submitting new support tickets.

You can see this in the graph below. The light green represents support tickets submitted per month (going back 12 months), while the darker green is the number of articles viewed in the elevio tab for

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.53.01 am

This kind of correlation was only possible because the data was available. Otherwise, it would have been entirely guesswork, and decisions should only ever be based on guesses if there’s absolutely no way of getting data to back it up.

Even then, you need data to back up your guess moving forward.

Track everything.

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