One of the cool benefits of using Olark through elevio, is that we’ve put some extra effort into the integration and made custom commands that allow you to direct the user you’re chatting with to open a specific article or module inside your elevio tab.

Let’s say you’re chatting with someone and they’re asking for help on something that you’ve already well documented in your help docs.

You could type something like this to the user:

!article 6662

And it will send a command through elevio to display a prompt to the user, to open that article. It won’t say it as crudely as that of course, it will look up the article, and swap out the ID for the title of the article.

When the users clicks on that prompt, they’ll be shown that article.

Awesome, right? Right.

You can also do it with modules, by sending something like this:

!module support

Here’s an example of how it works below, the left shows the what the agent sees and types, whilst on the right you can see what the end user will see as a result.


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