This morning there were quite a few technical support tickets in my Helpscout inbox that needed attending to.
I tried figuring out what was going on on my own first, then after following the “15 minute rule” I assigned and added notes for Paul, our CTO.

A little while later Paul came into the office and sat down next to me. First of all, I appreciated him taking the time straight away to go through those tickets with me, which he had noticed I had assigned to him. Talk about company culture and internal support.
Once I talked him through the customer issues I needed help with, he opened his text editor and came up with some code that would solve the issues and help our customers. I then typed out the replies and sent them off.

It felt great being able to provide someone with a detailed (technical) answer that we were sure would help them and solve their problem. Overall the process to get to that stage took about 15 minutes per support ticket – not a huge deal, especially not if you can really make your customers happy by taking that time. It’s all about actually putting effort into detail and taking time to respond to each individual customer with a customised solution.

In our case studies I usually ask the question of how to make customers happy. One of the answers I got from Elliot at Pozible was “underpromise and overdeliver”. It might be an overused saying, but it’s so true. It’s actually one of our values at elevio and applies well to my support experience this morning. When you actually deliver you’ll be able to feel it. You’ll know that you’ve done well and done the most you can to help out your customers.

The most important lesson I’ve learned this morning is to always put as much effort and individual attention as possible into each customer. Every issue is unique. If you do this, not only will your customers appreciate your services, but you’ll notice the rewards as well.

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