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Gary Tuohy

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About BugHerd 

BugHerd is a visual feedback tool that collects and pins client feedback to a webpage. Much like using a sticky-note, BugHerd gives contextual information about feedback on an issue or a bug. 

Developers, Designers and Marketers use BugHerd to collect feedback from clients on their websites. Instead of spending precious time sending back and forth emails trying to pinpoint an issue, what URL it’s on, what browser they are using etc., BugHerd users all the useful info (including a screenshot) included in the feedback. 

Elevio assistant

Elevio assistant

Used by more than 200K people (and counting), BugHerd makes building websites and getting feedback less of a pain in the...

The Challenge

BugHerd had a small support team (2 people) but had hundreds of new customers signing up to trial each month, with thousands of existing customers already on paid accounts. Keeping a lid on support costs was paramount to being able to keep up with growth. Even though they had a fully-featured KB system, it was often easier for customers to email than to trawl through their help system manually. Not only does in-person support cost more to deliver, customers also weren’t getting the answers they needed quickly enough. BugHerd required a way to efficiently get people the answers they needed, without needing to talk to (and ultimately wait for) a human.

“We used to have 2 staff basically doing support full time. Their support load is now down to only a couple of hours a day, freeing them up to do other tasks.” - Steve Neville, BugHerd CEO

The Solution

They had previously tried in-app solutions like Intercom and chat apps like Olark, but they still required the intervention of a human, and that didn’t scale. 

BugHerd CEO Stephen Neville

BugHerd CEO Stephen Neville

“We needed a way to get the right information in front of people at the time they needed it. Elevio did that for us.” - Steve

Elevio delivered contextual content to customers right when they needed it, instantly. Deflecting incoming tickets on average by 20% and ultimately empowering BugHerd customers to autonomously answer their own questions. These savings, not only allow employees to work toward building a better BugHerd, but frees up precious revenue to hire more development staff, rather than more support. 

In Numbers

Average over a 6 month period:

20% Ticket Deflection Rate

11,115 Answers Delivered





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