Taking your users’ experience with you to the next level – loyalty! – is all about making them happy, rather than leaving them merely satisfied.

Making and Keeping Happy Customers

You’ve got to do more than meet your users’ minimum requirements in order to get them talking about you. More often than not, satisfaction will only lead to passive loyalty, leaving your users open to persuasion from your competitors.

To make them happy, you need to go above and beyond their minimum expectations.

Good customer service is just as, if not more, important than your product itself. And an integral part of customer service is answering your users’ questions. 45% of your potential users will abandon a purchase or transaction with you if their questions or concerns are not resolved quickly enough (Forrester), meaning that a good user help and support system is absolutely imperative.

Providing a successful support system to guide a user from the awareness through to the purchase stage will ensure that they’ll continue on into loyalty and advocacy.

Improving happiness through self-help

40% of users will try to answer their own questions by going through a site before even considering contacting the company directly, with 70% already expecting company websites to include a self-service system (The Real Self Service Economy Report). This means that even before you address your off-site email support system, you need to have a working self-help system established on your website in order to meet these users’ expectations early on.

After that, a self-help service can further improve your users’ experience by quickly resolving frustration, with the added convenience or providing easily-accessed support even after hours.

Allowing your users to help themselves will definitely meet their minimum requirements of providing necessary information, and make them happy by making this information easy to find and understand. The lower the effort, the happier the user.

Creating advocates by providing self-help

The nature of self-help should be to provide answers to common questions in a way that is easily accessed, and easily understood. Now that your users are happy, and have a better understanding of your product, they can go on to become advocates of your business.

As a service which integrates key support elements like your knowledge base, live chat, support tickets, and site status into one handy widget, Elevio can help your company make users happy. Merging all your support systems into one place will make it easier than ever for users to access information and communicate with your business.

Here at Elevio we love to chat about how our software can help you, so drop us a line if you’re keen to hear more.

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